What Is the Best AC Temperature Setting?

A person adjusting a thermostat

Air conditioning is one of the best luxuries during the hot summer months. Did you know there are ways to make your air conditioning even more efficient for optimal comfort? In this blog, our team at Air Care & Canyon Lake Air Conditioning will share information about the best AC temperature setting and how to get the most bang for your buck.

The Optimal AC Setting

According to the Department of Energy, the best temperature for your AC setting is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This setting will keep your home comfortable while not using too much energy and driving up your bills. If you find 78 degrees still to be too warm, there are other things you can do to cool down that don’t involve changing your AC setting.

Keeping Your Home Cool All Summer Long

First, utilize your fans! Whether you have box fans, swivel floor fans, or ceiling fans, turn them on! Using these fans can ultimately conserve energy while producing more cool air. Additionally, it helps to spread the chilled air around your home.

Additionally, rely more on natural light. Take advantage of the long sunlight hours and keep your lightbulb use to a minimum. Having lights on can actually increase the warmth in your home, directly working against your AC. Instead, open up the windows and sit by the sunshine!

Another key part of having efficient air conditioning this summer is keeping your system maintained and clean. Schedule an AC maintenance appointment so a technician can ensure your system is ready for the hot season. If there are any issues, they can take care of them early. Additionally, duct cleaning specialists can ensure your system is clean, which ultimately helps improve air quality and AC functionality.

Air Care & Canyon Lake Air Conditioning Can Get You Ready for Summer

Our team at Air Care & Canyon Lake Air Conditioning offers the services you need to ensure your air conditioning unit is ready for the hot months ahead. Call us at (210) 794-6859 to schedule maintenance or cleaning.

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