Things to Watch Out for During Spooky Season and How It May Affect Your HVAC

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Halloween is just around the corner, which means the streets will soon be filled with ghouls, witches, and zombies. Halloween may be thrilling, but it also means homeowners must deal with an increased demand for their HVAC systems. As you prepare for the spooky season, it is essential to understand how it may affect your HVAC system and what you can do to keep it running efficiently.

#1: Increased Humidity

As Halloween approaches, humidity levels increase due to rain and the need to turn on your heating systems. Increased humidity can seriously affect your HVAC, leading to clogging and other technical issues. To prevent humidity problems, clean your air filter regularly and run your HVAC unit a few days before Halloween. A well-maintained HVAC unit can provide the best thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and humidity control.

#2: Higher Energy Bills

Halloween is not only a time for ghosts and witches, but it is also a time for increased energy bills. Your HVAC system will work hard to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, so it will consume more energy and cost you more money. To avoid high energy bills, try and schedule HVAC maintenance before Halloween. A professional HVAC technician will inspect and repair your unit, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, consider investing in a programmable thermostat to regulate temperature and save on energy costs.

#3: Clogged Air Filters

Halloween may bring pollen, dust, and other allergens into your home. These particles usually clog your HVAC's air filters, resulting in inefficient filtration and lower indoor air quality. Check and replace your air filters frequently to keep your HVAC running efficiently. Ideally, you should replace your air filters every 1-3 months, depending on the air quality in your home.

#4: Uneven Temperatures

Halloween can also lead to uneven indoor temperatures. Opening and closing your doors to give out candy may allow cold air into your home, leading to chilly rooms or chilly spots. Also, increased humidity can make some rooms feel warmer than others. To maintain consistent indoor temperatures, try and keep a constant temperature, close doors as much as possible, and ensure all windows are usually closed.

#5: Potential HVAC Damage

Finally, Halloween calls for decorations such as fog machines, which can lead to unit breakdowns or damage. Remember that a poorly installed fog machine can clog your HVAC system or damage your outdoor unit, leading to costly repairs. To decorate safely, ensure all decorations are well away from your HVAC unit and call a professional if you experience any issues.

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