5 AC Hacks to Lower Your Energy Bill

Old man looking at energy bill and thermostat

As the weather is heating up, we enter into a season filled with outdoor fun, followed by indoor cool-downs thanks to our air conditioners.

More than ever, homeowners like yourself are looking for ways to cut costs wherever they can. Whether it be for a family vacation, a new fridge, or general savings, every dollar matters!

Air conditioning costs can make your energy bill skyrocket during the summer months, taking valuable money away from other important budgetary needs.

Save Money on AC

With over 40 years of experience, Air Care & Canyon Lake Air Conditioning knows the ins and outs of cooling down a home and is here to help you keep costs down this summer.

Location, Location, Location

Our first tip is all about where components of your air conditioning system are placed. While an air conditioner isn’t something you proudly display for its good looks, it’s important that you don’t hastily place it where you think it will be hidden best.

Oftentimes, those hidden spots are in direct sunlight. A hot air conditioner is forced to work harder to cool things down inside, meaning it is using up more energy and driving up costs.

The same goes for your thermostat! If it is placed in a spot where the sun is hitting it directly for most of the afternoon, it can cause inaccurate temperature readings.

So, when installing these items in your home, think critically about their location!


One item that a lot of people don’t use to their full advantage is their ceiling fans! Ceiling fans, and other fans, are great to use in conjunction with your air conditioner because while they don’t necessarily cool down a room, they create a cooling sensation on your skin. This makes you feel more comfortable and less inclined to pump out more ac!

Additionally, a ceiling fan costs about $0.01 per hour to run, while an air conditioner costs about $0.36!

Here’s a Tip:

Don’t leave your ceiling fan on in an empty room as no one is there to benefit from their cooling sensation and therefore is wasting energy!

Keep The Light Out

Have you ever sat on the couch in the sunlight, only to find yourself sweating just minutes later from the heat?

The sun certainly does its job of keeping us warm, even when we’re in an air conditioned home. However, according to the Department of Energy, the use of curtains can reduce heat gain from windows by up to 77 percent.

Take this as an opportunity to head out and choose your favorite stylish curtains to add flair and shade to your room.

A Thermostat Upgrade

An outdated thermostat can give incorrect readings and communicate poorly with your unit, causing higher energy usage.

With a new, programmable thermostat, you can:

  • Control temperatures from your phone (with certain models)
  • Set a cooling schedule to match when you’re home/away
  • Have a better understanding of your energy usage

With efficient methods of cooling, a new smart thermostat is sure to help lower your energy bills.


It may seem like we’re always preaching about how important it is to change your air filters, but it's true!

A clogged air filter is guaranteed to slow down your machine, forcing it to use more power to meet your cooling needs. Be sure to change your filters about every three months to avoid build-ups and clogs.

Bonus Hack!

We’re adding in a sixth ac hack for you: don’t forget about maintenance. Preventative maintenance will keep your air conditioner in the best condition for the summer ahead. Our technicians will clean, tighten up, and inspect your unit to make sure things are running smoothly and stop any issues in their tracks to avoid costly breakdowns in the future.

AC Tune-Up in Canyon Lake

When your energy bills seem to be spiking, give us a call at (210) 794-6859! We’re here to help your home stay cool this summer and keep your system working properly. Whether you need repair, replacement, or a brand new installation, we're ready to help. Questions? Contact us today!