Do Blackout Curtains Really Work?

Curtains on window

Blocking Out The Sun

On a chilly day, the sun streaming into your living room provides a cozy spot to warm up in. An extra beam of warmth on the hottest day of the summer, however, can cause extreme discomfort and make you want to pump up the air conditioning.

In an effort to save money on utility bills, many homeowners are searching for ways to keep their homes cooler without putting stress on their ac. One of those ways is with blackout curtains.

Make and Style

Blackout curtains, unlike drapes, are made of just one layer of fabric that is woven very tightly in order to keep any light from passing through.

Despite the name, blackout curtains can come in a variety of colors to match your style! There are even white and lighter colors that are just as effective at blocking out light while keeping your home from becoming one big black box!

If you find you really like your curtain window dressings and would hate to give them up, you can purchase blackout liners to place behind the original curtains. This way, you can keep your favorite curtains and still keep the sun out.

How They Work

While blackout curtains cost a bit more than your average drapery, their benefits outweigh the extra few dollars. Windows are to blame for 10-15% of thermal energy loss. When hung in your home, blackout curtains not only limit the amount of sun and UV rays entering the room, they also may reduce energy bills by up to 25%.

The lack of constant sunlight will also protect your furniture from sun damage over time, and reduce glare on your television for better viewing. They are also a great option for bedrooms if you’re a light sleeper, or if your child prefers complete darkness for naptime!

Save More

If you’re looking for more savings while maintaining a cool home, give Air Care & Canyon Lake Air Conditioning a call! Our technicians can give your air conditioner a much-needed tune-up to keep your unit running efficiently and smartly. Contact us today for more information.