3 Summer Cooling Myths

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You may be looking for ways to increase your air conditioning efficiency at home. This could lead you to try some of the ‘hacks’ people share online. Our knowledgeable team at Air Care & Canyon Lake Air Conditioning is here to debunk some common summer cooling myths so you aren’t doing your home a disservice while attempting to stay cool.

Myth 1: Your AC Will Work Faster If You Turn the Temperature Lower

This isn’t true! The fans within your AC system can only work so fast. If you turn your temperature way down, hoping for a quick result in increased cooling, you’ll be sadly disappointed when you see it takes just as long to reach an optimal temperature.

Myth 2: Closing Your Vents Will Boost AC Efficiency

This myth is actually causing harm rather than improving your air conditioning. Your AC system will not know that you closed your vents and will continue to work at the same rate. Instead, all this does is not allow cool air into the rooms. This practice can also damage your HVAC system, causing preventable costly repairs.

Myth 3: Turn Off Your AC When You Aren’t Home

This myth is a bit more complicated. Some still think that turning off your AC when you aren’t home is better because you save money on your energy bill. However, this isn’t necessarily always true. Instead, it can take more energy to power up your system each time you turn it off and back on. Additionally, turning off your AC system can lead to higher humidity indoors, mold growth, and more consequences you may not have considered.

We recommend leaving your AC system on but turning up your thermostat when you aren’t home.

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