10 HVAC Tips to Keep Your House Warm During a Cold Snap

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Severe Cold Weather Preparation for Texans

As Texans, we like to think that we're tough. We can handle anything that comes our way. But even the strongest among us have to prepare for severely cold weather. Here are some tips to help you weather the storm.

1. Know your HVAC unit.

Your HVAC unit is your best friend during a cold snap. But do you know how to use it properly? Take some time to familiarize yourself with your unit and learn how to adjust the settings. This will help you stay comfortable and avoid costly repairs down the road.

2. Keep your windows closed.

It seems like common sense, but you'd be surprised how many people open their windows during a cold snap. Not only does this let in the frigid air, but it can also damage your HVAC unit. So make sure to keep those windows shut!

3. Layer up!

The key to staying warm is layering. Wear light, loose-fitting layers that you can easily remove if you feel too warm. And don't forget about your feet! Wear socks and comfortable shoes inside the house to keep them from getting cold.

4. Drink lots of fluids.

Staying hydrated is essential no matter the temperature, but it's imperative in cold weather. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol, which can actually cause you to feel colder.

5. Eat healthy meals.

Eating nutritious meals helps your body stay warm by generating energy and increasing blood flow. So load up on those vegetables and fruits!

6. Use space heaters wisely.

Space heaters can be a great supplement to your HVAC unit, but they should be used carefully. Make sure to read the instructions before using a space heater, and always keep an eye on it while it's in use. Never leave a space heater unattended!

7. Schedule heating repairs ahead of severe weather.

If you notice that your heater isn’t keeping up with your home’s heating demands, it’s time to schedule a heating repair. Usually, your heater will show signs that it needs a repair, like your electric bill being unusually high, cold spots, or your heater is making noises.

8. Don’t skip heater maintenance.

Regular maintenance is one of the most crucial steps to helping your heater stand up to severely cold weather during the winter. Sometimes homeowners feel they don’t need maintenance. However, there are several benefits to keeping your heater in good working order. Some of those advantages include cleaner indoor air quality, a warmer home, and a long-lasting heater.

9. Add carpeting to hard floors.

Stepping onto a cold floor during the winter is no fun and can definitely make you feel colder than usual. A nice rug is an excellent way to improve your home’s decor and insulate it from cold temperatures.

10. Install a programmable thermostat.

If your thermostat is a bit on the older side, you may want to consider a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat will work with the internal temperature of your home to keep it regulated throughout the day and make your home more comfortable.

Home Heating Services With Air Care & Canyon Lake Air Conditioning

Severe cold weather is no joke, but Texans are tough enough to handle it! Just follow these simple tips, and you'll be prepared for anything mother nature throws your way. You can also keep warm with our team at Air Care & Canyon Lake Air Conditioning on your side! We take your comfort seriously. Reach us at (210) 794-6859 to learn how we can help!

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